Native Wave

One way of minimizing the visibility of the marginalized is to silence their voices and to reduce any form of exposure in popular media. Part of what Urban Native Era aims to accomplish with our movement and blog is to disillusion mainstream consumers of the notion that Native folks are people of the past. That is not true and is in fact largely due to the lack of media traction Native people have in popular culture. This is also evident for other underrepresented groups. Although there are moments for representation, many attempts fall short and mainly intend for these groups to be used as exotic props. In today’s times, we are seeing more advocacy for authentic portrayals of these narratives and unyielding critiques towards films that parody and exploit them. We are mass consumers, and that is not only limited to food. We consume what we watch on television, what we read in books, and what we come across the internet. More than ever, we are starting to see progress. Rightfully so, because people of all race, gender, sexuality, and class are leaders, a part of many industries and excelling in these spaces.

Urban Native Era is proud to announce our next installment of articles, Native Wave. This series will be comprised of articles interviewing Native American surfers and skaters. Whether they are currently pursuing professional careers, involved in organizations, or do it for hobby. We want to be able to put a spotlight on a unique field that is rarely associated with Native Americans.  More broadly, sports play a huge part in the lives of Native youth, so we want to encourage you all to maintain your health and stay active! While Urban Native Era aims to connect our present with our past, we will also explore spaces in which people may not see Native folks being a part of. We are excited to show you all what’s in store.

Are you a Native surfer or skater? Fill out our google form. We’d love to get in contact with you!

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