History of Hearts Breaking: Dream Warriors

Dream Warriors artists Tanaya Winder, Tall Paul, Mic Jordan, and Frank Waln give us a History of Hearts Breaking, shedding light on the strenuous but necessary process of healing after times of great suffering.

Mic Jordan, Tanaya Winder, Frank Waln, Tall Paul – Photo by Tomas Karmelo Amaya

Each verse gives a personal account of the artist’s moments of self-doubt and heartbreak, but they all collectively come full circle and give assurance that while heartbreak and despair leave long-term wounds, the healing process can reinforce one’s resilience and provide a clearer path of moving forward.

Before detailing his own stories of struggle, Tall Paul gives a strong affirmation towards mental health awareness, specifically referencing Logic’s performance of his hit song 1-800-273-8255 on large platforms such as the VMA’s. In short, Paul expresses distaste for those who characterize anyone finding difficulty healing and coping with their problems as weak and emotional. Paul dismisses these criticisms and assures his listeners to stay real to themselves and what they are feeling. In his verse, he openly admits to alcohol abuse and his involvement with crime as his scars from the past, but he does not fail to mention his present role as a father and community figure. It is okay to unload some of this burden, especially when you are amongst those who are looking to do the same.

 “The entire experience of creating this song was really dope. We wrote it on the spot while staying in a big air bnb in Colorado, surrounded by the mountains. For me to even be traveling, doing what I love to do, it made me want to share a message of resilience. So that’s what inspired my verse.” – Tall Paul 

Mic Jordan soon follows Tall Paul’s sentiment with an altruistic verse that mirrors that of a close friend empathizing with someone at the peak of their struggle. Though the battle may be within all of us and so ever-present, we can still be of service to one another and see these issues through together. Oftentimes, hardships and fears are what gets people through to the next chapters of life. Seeing these pitfalls as an opportunity to grow can help alleviate those wounds.

“This is the first time all four of us have collaborated on a song together as Dream Warriors and it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever made. Straight from our hearts to yours.” – Frank Waln 

Frank Waln closes with a final verse, a more emotional and compelling vocal performance that really captures the difficulty in conquering hardships. More notably, Frank’s verse explores the notion of self-hate we sometimes feel for ourselves, mentioning his shortcomings with women in his life. While doing so, Frank acknowledges his wrongdoings and decides to take these moments as a learning experience. We cannot change our past actions, but we can certainly nuance ourselves in the present.

Dream Warriors founder Tanaya Winder’s chorus and bridge lay the foundation for these three MC’s to speak on these sensitive topics, almost as if her vocals were facilitating and encouraging each of them to step to the podium and speak. Her harmonizing vocals in some ways help weave together this image of solidarity and participation in the sonic space.

 “This song is a gift to everyone who has helped us on our journeys. No one heals alone, we heal together by sharing stories, singing songs, and uplifting our loved ones. History of Hearts honors that path and who we are as Dream Warriors.” – Tanaya Winder 

Upon listening to this song, the artists mentioned that this was their first true collaboration together as Dream Warriors. Thus, the seamlessness of the song made sense in the fact that they were all there for each other through this creative process. Community is a strong tool that helps those realize that they truly are never alone, even when it seems that the world is on their shoulders. Moreover, people are much more open to express themselves when others are doing the same.

Collaboration is not only the key to elevating one’s artistic vision, it is also a tool that brings people from different background and perspectives. It humbles those who subscribe to their ego, and it encourages those who hide themselves out of self-doubt and insecurity. This seems to only be the beginning for these four artists. There are plenty more Dream Warriors to come and add their vision and perspective. We can’t wait to hear more.

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