[PREMIERE] Mato Wayuhi x UNE Music | Come See Me Live

Mato Wayuhi’s latest release, COME SEE ME LIVE, works as a lyrical advertisement in which he breaks through the fourth wall and speaks directly to his audience, imploring those to “come see him live!” It is a high-energy, neo-boom bap jam that pays clear homage to traditional 90’s hip-hop. Filled with eclectic wordplay and braggadocio, Wayuhi maneuvers through the instrumental with ease as he utilizes many different flows all the while delivering a powerful and liberating message to his audience.

That message is more realized in the visual, which was directed by Daisy Cornejo. It’s a typical narrative in which a child who’s clear affinity is that of the creative is getting repressed by a stern teacher. This theme is common, but that is not a critique of the visual direction. Rather, it is a societal critique in regards to how our youth are steered away from those career paths. As the teacher makes her way out of the classroom to tend to another student, Mato Wayuhi enters in puppet form. Needless to say, the party begins.

Photo by @tekpatl

I believe this choice is not solely intentional because it easily catches the attention of the audience. When someone is a creative person, they can become anyone and anything. The results of what they create are a mirror of their reality, but that reflection can be as outlandish or as close to home as possible. Presenting Wayuhi in puppet form is a nostalgic tribute to some of the cartoons and television shows we would watch as kids like The Muppets or Sesame Street. Even in our adult years, some of the most memorable figures in our lives are from those shows and many other cartoons. The diversity in how personalities and ideas can be represented expanded our imagination as children. Furthermore, when you use these images to inspire and bring forth positivity, it’s power becomes tenfold.

“I’ve had the video concept for a few years now, however the puppet idea came to me while at a real cute movie theatre in Los Feliz. I was seeing ‘If Beale Street Could Talk,’ and before it begun I thought it’d be wild if puppets came out in front of the screen and performed the entire film. The light bulb ignited and I instantly texted Daisy, the director, and she was down like a frown. Much love to her for the stellar execution!”

Mato Wayuhi

COME SEE ME LIVE is more than a self-serving declaration to come to a Mato Wayuhi show. He hopes that anyone who sees him perform or listens to his music can feel inspired to create something totally unique to them. As people grow with their career, they realize their mission is not only to succeed but to also spark passion in others. Identifying with his Native roots, Wayuhi is a leading example of someone using their artistic capabilities to give light to those that will come after him.

“The come see live video is about evolving past any barriers that pose challenges both mentally and emotionally. It’s about trusting in the strengths and beauty you carry as an individual, whether that be in your intelligence, creativity, or cultural background.”

Mato Wayuhi

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