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Mato Wayuhi’s latest release, COME SEE ME LIVE, works as a lyrical advertisement in which he breaks through the fourth wall and speaks directly to his audience, imploring those to “come see him live!” It is a high-energy, neo-boom bap jam that pays clear homage to traditional 90’s hip-hop. Filled with eclectic wordplay and braggadocio, […]

Tanaya Winder is a poet, writer, artist and educator and was raised on the Southern Ute reservation in Ignacio, CO. An enrolled member of the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe, her background includes Southern Ute, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Diné, and Black heritages. Tanaya writes and teaches about different expressions of love (self love, intimate love, social love, community […]

Today’s spotlight is on Mato Wayuhi, a South Dakotan creative whose vibrant sonic landscapes come riddled with expressive visuals. His latest release, STONE COLD LOVER, is a musical epic that gives a thoughtful, yet digestible statement regarding his identity, all the while speaking on the ups and downs of love. Mato Wayuhi wants you to […]

One way of minimizing the visibility of the marginalized is to silence their voices and to reduce any form of exposure in popular media. Part of what Urban Native Era aims to accomplish with our movement and blog is to disillusion mainstream consumers of the notion that Native folks are people of the past. That […]

No Vibe Killers Allowed UNE Spotlight: Fernando Sez The youth shall inherit the earth. Fernando Sez does just that in his newest single and music video, “NVKA,” which stands for “No Vibe Killers Allowed.” Accompanied by a short film, Las Mañanitas, Sez crafts a production of personal meaning and youthful resistance. Although media has portrayed […]